Sonia's Shuffle Squat

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16187)

Here's a 32 count, self-reversing, tapless combo for the horizontal step. I will give the base moves and then the more intermediate/advanced version.

Shuffle Squat Base Combo

Repeat left

Shuffle Squat Intermediate/Advanced Combo

Repeat left

*Double rock:
1,2) step up right/left,
3) step right foot wide on top to the right as left lifts,
4) left foot to top as right lifts,
5) right steps in,
6) step left foot wide on top to the left as right lifts,
7) right foot to top as left lifts,
8) left steps in,
9,10) exit the step right and left.

NOTE: this can also be done as mambos off the front instead of rocks to each side.

Mambos off the front:
1,2) step up right and left beginning to turn to face west,
3) right foot to floor toes pointing west, left lifts off step,
4) left to top of step, beginning to turn clockwise,
5) right to top of step, keep turning clockwise,
6) left foot to floor toes pointing east, right lifts off step,
7,8) right and left to top of step facing front,
9,10) exit right and left.

**Left shuffle squat:
1&2) triple step on top of the step left/right/left, moving slightly to the right,
3,4) right foot to floor off the right end into a squat,
5,6) lift from the squat and push yourself back to the top of the step with the right foot,
7,8) exit left/right.

This combo fits well with the other three I posted recently. Hope you can use some of it.

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