Mambo-Swing from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16188)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree, horizontal board. Breakdown follows.

There are 2 versions of Part 1. I like them both. (The first version is a layer in the building process of the second version. In some classes I stay with version 1. It's easier.)

Part 1 / Version 1:

Part 1 / Version 2:

Part 2:

* Jazz Square on floor from straddle position - facing West: step forward left, cross over with right, walk left,right to home position (4)

** 'Stomp & Tango' - left lead: base option is 2 mambos at the SE corner. Initially I cue this, 'Stomp, 3,2,1 ' stomp, 3,2,1'. After the first stomp (left at SE corner), begin turning in toward the board on counts 2 & 3. Continue your turn to step wide & face the back wall on count 4. Step behind on count 5 (tango). Then 'unwind' as you reverse the direction of your spin & return where you started on counts 6,7,8. I cue this part 'stomp, 3,2, ' step behind, 3,2,1' (I don't say '1' because I'm cueing 'step behind'). When they have it, I simply cue 'Stomp & Tango'. If you extend your arms as you turn, you generate some centrifugal force that is controlled from the core. Great for the abs!


Base Part 1: Mambo + Side leg + 2 basics (16)

Layer 1: Mambo + side leg exiting into a back mambo, stomp corner + 1 basic (16)

Layer 2: Mambo off the end, swing home on the side leg + back mambo, stomp corner + 1 basic (16)

Layer 3: (Optional) Instead of swinging home on the side leg, cross it over the other one on top of the board on count 7, then exit on 8,9 and do the corner stomp + 1 basic (16)

Block and teach a revolving door if your class needs it. OR, just add it in with some filler. Here's what I did:

Then switch the order of the basic & revolving door.

Now Block and teach Part 2. I started from a basic holding pattern, then:

Basic straddle, walk over the top to the N side, basic straddle, walk over the top home + 2 mambos + a 3-knee repeater to change the lead. (32) Show the jazz square option. Repeat as needed.

Put together so far, taking out some of the filler:

Last, block and teach the 'Stomp & Tango' Start with 2 mambos followed by lead-changer filler such as 1 3-knee repeater and 2 kicks corner-corner. (If your next combo begins with a repeater, this works great. Or substitute something that will flow naturally into your next combo so the weaving process is already being patterned into their brains.)

Ready to put it all together for the final version!

Email me if something doesn't make sense.


P.S. I've been including the breakdown in my patterns. Is this helpful to anyone?

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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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