Yoga Flow - full 90 minute class

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I created this class which includes a variation of the balance flow that Heidi posted in the patterns section a while ago. I wanted to share the complete class description with you guys, to thank you all for your support and inspiration! I taught the class yesterday, and it went well, they loved the challenge! This is a 90 minute class, quite advanced students. If there are any questions, please ask.

**Note: I started the class all facing me for the standing poses/flow, then I moved them to the walls and finished in a circle - I liked that**

Start; breathing, centering

Standing poses flow. Sun salutation into vira 1, then:

Repeat other side

Balance flow

Release, repeat other side

Prasarita padottanasana (straddle), 4 variations, 5 breaths each

Parsvottanasana (intense side stretch with arms in prayer position behind back), 5 breaths each side

-- move mats to wall --

Handstand or handstand prep (from down dog, walking in and lifting alternating leg, bending the other leg and jumping up). Repeat a couple of times, in between resting in uttanasana with feet hip distance and hands to elbows.

Pinchu mayurasana (peacock feather) or prep (dolphin pose, down dog with elbows down, intense shoulder opener). Repeat a couple of times, in between resting in child's pose.

Some prone shoulder openers, rolling over alternating arms. See, search for shoulder openers for some great ideas.

Sitting flow: start in dandasanan. Then paschimottansana.

Shoulder stand + variations (halasana/plough, pidasana/knees to ears).

Some reclined twists, slowing down.


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