Early AM Abs Blast

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16197)

Using a small medicine ball.

Sit on a mat in a typical V sit, but with feet on the floor. Twist & pass the ball behind you, leaving it on the floor. Twist the other way & pick it up. Repeat and then change direction.

Same position, lean back and, holding the ball with both hands in front of you, turn side to side. For more difficulty, lift feet off the ground.

Same position, hold ball out in front and recline back slightly (the more you recline, the more difficult). Pass ball to one hand and extend out to the side & twist, bring back to center and pass to the other hand and extend out to the side & twist. Bring back to center and sit all the way up (take a break). Repeat. To make harder, as you take the ball in one hand out to the side, take the foot of that same side across. ie. right arm reaches out to the right with the ball, right foot comes off the ground and cross over the left - you are slightly reclined.

Hold the medicine ball between the knees & squeeze. Lean back on elbows & raise legs, hold. Bring knees in & out. Hold. Bring knees in & out with a twist (aim arm pit to arm pit).

Lie down on the mat - feet on floor, knees bent. Hold the ball with both hands and crunch up - ball to the top of the knees. Continue, aim the ball to the outside of the knees (alternate side to side). Combine - one side, one center, one side.

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