Drills - lower body

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16209)

Shadow Drill

This one is one of my favorite. Pair them up, they will be facing each other, create an imaginary line between them or put a jump rope there. Person A is going to be Person's B shadow. B can only move laterally (left or right), B must move quickly, avoiding his shadow (person A), remember to keep hips low, bend knees, back straight, B is changing direction quickly, trying to trick A. And A is trying to match everything B is doing, A IS B's shadow. Do it for about 30 seconds or less and let them change rolls. Let them know they are allowed to move only about 3 or 4 feet in each direction, this way they really focus on the speed on their move, on their trickiness, and you won't have no collisions :). And they also keep their space, so you can have whole bunch of couples right next to each other. Don't do it too long (less then 30 seconds) because it is very tiring and you want them to give all they got both times. Count your members, you might be participating too :):):)

Knees to Hands

Again pair them up. First person puts their hands (palms down) in front of them about a hip level. Second person will be bringing their knees up fast each time touching partner's palms. Tell them to adjust the height, not everyone can bring them really high - again this is advanced, so tell them to recover with shuffle or march if they need, after a quick walk-it-off break, switch.

Bird Man

No pairing required. Get into a split squat, you'll be doing hop switches - right leading, left in the back, knees band 90 degrees. Hop up and switch leads, continue. This one is tough without using arms. People with low back pain or poor posture wouldn't do a Bird Man, they would just keep it in split squat switches. To do The Bird Man, every time you land from the hop switch, both hands touch the front ankle, while in mid air, both hands touch each other or TRY to meet above your head, when done properly, your arms look like you are flying, like you are the Bird Man :). First do it slow and than speed it up to the beat. If they can't go all the way up tell them to go half way, stop by the shoulders. So'. Jump up, hands above, switch and lower down, touch ankle. Don't do too many, try to make it into sets, alternating with push up etc.

Heel Touch

No pairing required. Get into plie squat, start with pulsing 3 and up fourth count. Or just pulse it down. This is a plyometric move, so again, watch the posture, knees, low back etc. Modify with only pulses. Pulse down 3x, jump up and drive your heels together in the air and separate them again before you land. This is an 8 count move. Cue: pulse, pulse, pulse, heel touch. You'll see people hopping up early, you can cue it: pulse, pulse, NOT YET, NOW :)

When I remember or come up with more, I'll post it. I've got some for upper body and core that I'm planning to post and some fillers too.

If you have drills that you use, please post them.

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