7 To Weave II (advanced)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16200)

Here are another 7 combos that you can use to weave. Advanced, tap free, horizontal bench, right lead, 32 count self-reversing, email questions.

Combo A

Total 32

* V-straddle, similar to a turn straddle, but step up wide right, left on bench (2), straddle (2). Do this again. You will finish in a straddle position

** Repeater crossing back over the bench, is simply a repeater where you do 2 knees (4) cross that leg back and touch floor on other side of bench (1), lift same knee (1) and exit to floor left and right (2)

*** Richochet - side approach step up right and left (2), right foot touches floor on north side (1) right foot to bench, while foot change with left (1), exit left and right on floor (2). Use the jack to fill the phrase.

Combo B

Total 32

* Turning A-step step. I love this move, I borrowed it from this site, it takes the tap out of an A-step, as it is simply an A-revolve. Step up right and left into the start of a normal A-step, but as you exit turn on the floor so you are facing the opposite direction as in a revolve. No lead change, if you started right, next move will be right.

Total 32

* Usually a skate on top is 3 alternating ham curls. During this one we only do 2 curls, so its step up right foot on bench, curl left left foot on bench, curl right, take a step to right with right foot and immediately with left leg begin a 5 knee repeater, exit to floor left and right. The trick here is to get them to do step to the right (or left) and go immediately into the repeater. The tendency is to do another curl or only 1 curl and start the repeater.

Combo D

Total 32

* Walk the bench, is simply step up right and left (2) and exit on North side right and left (2), use the pivot to get you back to the bench where you will be facing the back wall. Some people don't like walking over the bench, simply keep it facing front with 1 mambo on the bench, followed by a mambo pivot on the bench, or 2 mambos on the bench (all facing front)

** Turning L-step simply 1/2 L-step off left end, turning at small end so the the next 1/2 L-step will be with the other foot and finish on North side of bench. So it's 1/2 L, 1/2 L with a lead change

Combo E

Total 32

* Cut the corner, step up right foot at SW corner, drag the left leg around ie glute squeeze to north side, finish by stepping down left and right, facing the NW corner, ready to with left foot.

** Figure 8 is simly a repeater around the small end of the bench that finishes in a straddle (I use ham curls)

*** Stomp halfway around the world, stomp straddle, stomp travel.

Combo F

Total 32

* Crab, toward the right side of the bench, step up right and left (2) right foot off side of bench, while left foot lifts (2) do this again (2), exit home right and left (2). You know how crabs move sideways, think of moving sideways.

** Repeater L-step. Start with a normal 1/2 L off left side. Put left foot down on floor at small end, while right foot lifts into the air (2) right foot takes a step forward on floor, while left foot lifts off floor (2), step back left and right (2). You will finish at the small end of the bench, perfect for going across the length.

Combo G

Total 32

* Step knee, rock on bench. Right foot at SW corner, lift left knee (2), put left foot down on top of bench, while lifting right foot slightly (2), then simply straddle starting with the left foot.

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