Flick-Kick Ball Change from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16213)

32 counts, tapfree, reversing, horizontal board. Breakdown follows.

Part 1:

Part 2 (reverses the lead):

* Flick-kick, ball change & over = step right, kick-kick left (counts 1-3) + down-up on 'and-4' (count 4) + left on top (count 5) + exit on N side turning in toward step as in a revolving door (counts 6,7)

**Tango on top = Up right from N side (count 8) + step behind with left (count 9) + step right on board in same place as before (count 10) + exit left,right (counts 11,12)

*** BIG back-hopturn, walk-walk from N side = left lead 3/4 back-hopturn going clock-wise over the board (counts 1,2) + exit and walk right, left on diagonal toward SW corner of room (counts 3,4). Ready to right lead mambo cha-cha back to the board on counts 5-8.

Breakdown Part 1:

Base = 3 basics + 1 side leg (16)

Layer 1 = Stomp SW corner 3 times, exit on counts 6,7 + tango left lead facing E on top from the home position, exit (counts 8-12) + 1 side leg, right lead at SW corner (16). You still have 12 counts of marching, just like 3 basics.

Layer 2 = Flick-kick repeater replaces the 3 stomps (step-kick-kick- toe-touch floor, knee up, exit). You have: Flick-kick repeater (1-7) + tango on top (counts 8-12) + 1 side leg (counts 13-16).

Layer 3 = I add filler here: corner-corner side leg lifts which become glute-swings. Here's what you have:

Flick-kick repeater + tango on top from home position + 1 side leg + 4 glute swings (32)

Layer 4 = This is the tricky part. Make sure they are comfortable doing what they have so far without you. Demo the ball change & go over. Do the tango on top from the N side, then substitute a 1/2 revolving door to go home while they do their side leg. Follow with 4 alternating glute swings. Have them watch you do it again. Once they're doing it with you, tell them not to get too attached to the revolving door (it's going to go bye-bye).

Layer 5 = Substitute a glute swing over for the revolving door. Now your lead doesn't change any longer, so we're going to use the base for Part 2 to change the lead - 3 alternating knees corner-corner + 1 basic. This also gives some brain processing time.

Breakdown Part 2:

I decided to 'block' and teach Part 2 & put Part 1 aside for the time being.

Base = 3 alternating knees corner-corner + 1 basic (16)

Layer 1 = Change the order. Do 1 knee, then 1 basic and 2 alternating knees. I added 2 alternating 3 knee repeaters for filler here. Reason: My next combo was going to start with a repeater, it gives people a chance to up their HR with any repeater variation they like, and it separates the upcoming mambo cha-chas from each other.

Layer 2 = Replace the first and last knees with mambo cha-chas. So you have: Mambo cha-cha + 1 basic + 1 knee + mambo cha-cha + 2 alternating repeaters. (32)

Layer 3 = Block and teach a 'knee-weave' over (leg goes behind) if your class doesn't automatically know what it is. It's like the glute swing, but the leg isn't extended. Skip to Layer 4 if they don't need to practice this.

Layer 4 = Replace the basic with 4 walks around the end. You have: Mambo cha-cha + walk around the end + knee- weave over + mambo cha-cha + 2 alternating repeaters. (32) Then offer the option shuffling around the end instead of walking.

Layer 5 = Totally optional. They can use this or stay with the knee-weave. A BIG back-hopturn over the board replaces the knee-weave. It's about a 270 degree turn (3/4 around). Then keep walking toward the back corner of the room. You're ready to mambo cha-cha back to your board.

Here are the counts again. Assume left lead from N side: Big back hopturn clock-wise (1,2); exit onto the floor facing SW corner of room and walk right,left (3,4); right lead mambo cha-cha (5-8).

Layer 6 = Review Part 1 with the filler (3 alternating knees + 1 basic) (32). Do Part 2 with the 2 alternating repeaters (32). Repeat as needed.

Layer 7 = Get rid of the filler in Part 1. Parts 1 & 2 are now connected for a reversing 32. Finish with 4 alternating repeaters. You can get rid of these if you want, but I kept them and proceeded from there to the base for my next combo which started with a repeater.

Feel free to email me with questions.


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