Fast and Fun 32 for Step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16215)

This is a quick pattern, part of which I saw posted here a bit ago, I added some moves and came up with this:

Start with standing at the side of your bench (I usually have turnsteps in front of this 32)

Now you are ready to start the same 32 on the other leg.

I break this down by dragging out the A-step, over the top for 32, then cutting that down and adding the two knees with the jack (A-step, over the top two times for 16) and then repeating the two knees with the jack on the floor for 16 counts (two times) then adding the diagonal with the around the bench and starting all over on the other leg with the long version and then cutting it down to the final 32.

*Some people call a diagonal a "corner to corner," which is to go from one corner of the bench to the other in a diagonal direction:

  ----       ----x Finish Diagonal
  |  |       |  |
  |  |       |  |
 x----       ----

*Step touch around the bench (after diagonal): One step touch facing away from the bench, the second one you face the other side of the bench):

              X (end of first step touch
  ---- X     ---- you are facing AWAY      X---- (end of second step
  |  |       |  | from your bench)          |  |  touch, ready to start
  |  |       |  |                           |  |  32 on the other leg)
  ----       ----                           ----
Step Touch

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