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Okay, first attempt at sharing. Hope everything makes sense. No forced taps, 32 counts, four combos. Lots of stuff I learned from turnstep! Thanks for making me a better instructor.

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Notes - assuming right lead for all.

Combo 1:

V-turn: one V on the step, turn over the right shoulder, one V on the floor, turn over the right shoulder.

Walk over turn: up right/left (1,2), step down off the north side of the step right/left (3,4). Walk forward and pivot (5,6). Return to step (7,8).

Repeater knee hop knee: Done right in the middle of the step, facing the front. Right foot to step, left knee up (1,2). Left down (3). Use the left foot to help propel into a wide stance on the step (4). Hop the feet together (5). Lift the left knee (6). Exit left/right (7,8)

Combo 2:

Repeater L straddle down: Calling it an L seemed to help the students. Just like a regular L, except on the last knee, a little backwards quarter turn into the straddle position. Sets you up for a left lead on the north side.

Kick walkback: I think the rest of the world calls this something else - anyway, step right to the west corner, kick left (1,2) exit and walk back left/right (3,4, 5), kick the right foot (6), walk forward (7,8).

6-point turn: side approach like a regular turn. Up right left (1,2). Right foot to the south side of the step while the left foot lifts up and then returns in place (3,4). Right foot to east end of step (5), Left foot exits (6), rock back with right foot (7,8).

Knees around the end: You can just keep this as alternating knees that go right around the short end of the step, or step right, lift the left knee (1,2) step down left off the northwest corner (3) and take the remaining alternating knees in a counterclockwise circle. This is a non lead changer. It is like step knee, step knee, step knee, step knee. eight count has your right knee in the air ready to step right on the north side of the step.

Combo 3:

Samba over: Side approach. Right foot to the step (1), lift the left foot over step quickly, going behind the right foot (2), right exit (3). I did two in a row.

Cut your corner: Step right foot to west corner, left foot to the northwest corner of the floor (2) step on the floor right left turning counter clockwise (3, 4).

L-rock and samba: Step knee in west corner (1,2). Left foot down (3), right foot rocks back behind left foot, left foot lifts in place (4,5). Right foot to west corner of step (6). Exit left, right (7,8). Counts 6,7,8 are basically a samba or six point mambo.

Combo 4:

Shuffle over mambo: Not too happy with the name, but I can't think of something better. Side approach, shuffle over the step quick right and left (1 and 2), turn over your left shoulder to face the east and mambo and turn back to face the west again (3,4,5,6). This is left, right, left, right. Left foot should be ready to go.

Repeater step kick: side approach. Step right to bench, kick left (1,2). Left to bench, right taps down or lunges on north side (3,4). Right to step, left kick (5,6). Exit left right (7,8). I say step kick, step lunge, kick and switch.


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