Boot Camp 8

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You want a butt kicking??? Here's one especially for you ;) In honor of FOOTBALL SEASON, a little SPARQ training...

Warm-Up: (10 minute)

Step up and down on step-2 minute: 25 push-ups; 25 squats-Repeat


Set 1: (12 minute)

A. Up-downs with steps & push-ups; lunge back-5 minute

Up-downs defined: line up steps (with 2 risers under each end), far enough apart so that one can do a push-up in between the steps. Line up about 4-5 steps. You may have to do 2-3 lines of steps, depending on how many people are in your class. Stand next to step. Jump over, jump back over, then on top. All FEET TOGETHER jumps! Down and do 1 push-up in between the step you just jumped over, and the step you are about to jump over. Continue the same thing down the line of steps. Lunge back. Start again. This should be done QUICK!! Encourage them to hustle.

B. Biceps-1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Set 2: (12 minute)

A. Quick feet/run- 3 minute

Quick feet: Create 3 imaginary lines. One at one far end of the room, one in the middle and one at the opposite end of the room. Have them do quick feet 5x over this imaginary line: over and back 5x-run to next line, do the same. Run to last line, do the same-same thing back. Then go to the Monster Walk.

Monster Walk (band around ankles, half squat, legs apart. walk forward.)-down and back-2x;

Repeat both

B. Triceps-1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Set 3: (10 minute)

A. Partner 1: Pocket Twist: hold weighted ball with both hands shoulder height. Lunge forward, twist ball towards leg moving forward, bring ball down and touch top of glute. Partner 2: Foot work on bench until partner gets back. Switch-4 minute

B. Shoulders-1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Set 4: Rock Bottom!

A. Lay on side: 10 legs lifts, 10 forward. circle, 10 backward. Circle, 10 forward., 10 back, 10 more lifts. Repeat on OPPOSITE leg when you do it again.

B. Back-1 minute

Repeat both sections.


Cool down

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