Boot Camp 9

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Warm-Up: 10 minutes

2 push-ups, 2 squats, 2 jacks: Up to 24 by 2's


Set 1: 12 minutes

A. 4 corners: Back pedal, shuffle in low squat, karaoke, sprint-5 minutes; 25 squats. One side of the room is back pedal, one side shuffle in low squat, one side karaoke, and one of the longest side is sprint. Just designate which wall is which and keep it going for 5 minutes!

B. Back: Upright rows/Flys-1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Set 2: 12 minutes

A. Indian Runs. 2 laps with band-forward and back.-2x

Indian Run: Have everyone line up in a straight line. Have them run around the perimeter of the room. The last person in line sprints until they get to the front of the line. They slow back down to the pace of the group, and the next person who is at the end now sprints. After 4 minutes of this, I had them put a band around their ankles and do 2 lunge type laps arcoss the room.

B. Shoulders: Front and Side raises-1 minute.

Repeat both sections.

Set 3: 10 minutes

A. Partner 1: lunges off the bench. Partner 2: over-the-top drill: hold weighted ball over-head. Lunge forward, leaning with upper torso in the direction of step. Lean right/left not forward/back.-2x each

B. Triceps: Kick-backs and overhead extensions.

Repeat both sections.

Set 4: 7 minutes

A. 10 by 10 squats: 10 sets of 10 squats. Hold tenth one of each set for 10 seconds.

B. Biceps: Curls and In-outs-1 minute.

Repeat both sections.


Cool Down

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