Boot Camp 10

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Warm-Up: 10 minutes

1 push-up, run length of room, 2 push-ups, run up to 15. Then start from 15 and go back down.


Set 1: 12 minutes

A. Line up steps end to end-I think I ended up using about 8. Lunge off step side to side all the way down (fast!-basically tapping one foot on the bench, and then the other. Like you would in a step class) Lunge back on the floor. -5 minutes.

B. Biceps: 1 minute.

Repeat both sections.

Set 2: 12 minutes

A. Football feet down the steps (or foot work). Side squat back on the floor. 5 minutes.

B. Triceps: 1 minute.

Repeat both sections.

Set 3: 10 minutes

A. Partner 1: Platypus walk down and back. Partner 2: Wood chopper (Reach ball up to left, down to right)

Platypus Walk: Hands on head. Squat position. Butt out. Knees align with toes. Abs in tight. Walk in the sqatted position all the way down the room and back. If it doesn't burn, they are not low enough.

Wood Chopper: Hold weighted ball above head. Bring the ball down towards one foot, bending the knee of the leg you are bringing the ball towards. Sort of like a squat on 1/2 your body. The other leg stays straight but leans when you bring the ball down. Make sure they are switching the side they bring the ball down to as to get both sides of the body.

Partners switch once the person doing the platypus walk goes down and back. Repeat each thing 4x.

B. Shoulders: 1 minute

Set 4: 7 minutes

A. 10 by 10 squats: 10 sets of 10 squats. Hold tenth one of each set for 10 seconds.

B. Back: 1 minute.

Repeat both sections.


Cool Down

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