Screwy Step

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We had fun learning this combo in my step class last night, I hope you can use all or part of it. Thank you to all who take the time to post your patterns! I break this combo down in to 2, 32 count sections, teaching them separately then putting them together to make 1-64 count combo.

64 count self-reversing combo

First 32 section:

Second 32 section:

I call the first 12 counts of this combo Screwy L, which is why I called this pattern "Screwy Step"

* Explanation #1:
This is an advanced move for a base move of across the top and back. You've done your knee to the side of the step (4) and approach just like a regular across the top. Step up on to your step, side approach right/left (1,2) right foot to floor on the far side of your step, left foot lifts slightly off the step (3) step back up onto your step left/right (4,5) step down left (6) rock back right (7,8)

** Explanation #2:
I know there is a name for this move, but I can't remember what it is. Base move: step right foot on left corner of step (1) walk forward with left foot (2) rock forward on the floor with right foot (3) weight is transferred to left foot (4) step backwards onto the corner of the step with the right foot (5) step back on the floor with left foot (6) rock backwards onto the floor right foot (7) weight is transferred into left foot (8). To ADVANCE the move: on counts (3,4) you do a full quick pivot on the floor, completing it in time to step backward on to the step with the right foot (5), stepping on the floor left (6) then rocking back on the floor right (7,8). Tricky, but fun!

Please email me with any questions.
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