Advanced Tapless Choreography

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16137)

How I cue it:

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Repeat left lead)

Explanations and suggestion on how to build:

Part one:

Begin: V-step 2x (8 counts) & travel 2 knees
Change to:

* V-cross out:
- V-step right/left (1-2)
- right foot crosses over left foot & steps off the left side of the bench (3)
- walk left/right back to return behind the bench (4-5)

To get back on beat, stomp 1x (6) and travel knees 2x (8)

Add on:

* V-cross out
* Turn out (same as a hop turn, but try to stay grounded so it's more like a smooth outside pirouette)
- step up left (6)
- right knee up as you turn out and face front of room (7)
- land right foot in front of step (8)

To get back on beat, do a L V-step on the floor, facing the front (just as you've landed) and turn back towards the step to travel knees facing the back of the room. Go over the top to continue building.

Add on:

* V-cross out
* Turn out
* Reverse on the floor
Replace the left V-step on the floor with a reverse V-step on the floor (following 'turn out' - you're starting with landing on your right on 8 facing the front)
- step left, turning to face your bench (facing back of room)
- step right so you're completely facing your step

* 2-knee repeat
I prefer doing the 2-knee repeater on the floor, so you're doing a 1/2 turn on the floor in 3 counts, turning over your right shoulder to do the 2 knees, walking back over your left to travel knees on the step. A good cue for the class is the knee lifting in the 2-knee repeat will ALWAYS be the outside knee furthest from the step). The 2-knee repeat can also be performed on the step.

Note: Build this facing the front - when you add it to PART ONE, you will begin PART TWO facing the back.

Part Two

Part Two A

Begin: Stomp 4x, 1 knee up (16 counts)

Change to:

* Stomp 2x right/left (1-6)
* Quick straddle (7-8)
right foot swings over into a straddle (7)
left foot pulls over so that you're facing the back and ready to travel knees (8)

Go over the top to continue building

Part Two B

Begin: basic right 2x & travel 2 knees

Change to:

* Basic walk back & walk back to the step (8), travel 2 knees (8) (basic can become a full-reverse basic)

Change to:

* Basic walk back with a knee lift, walk back to the step (8), travel 2 knees (8) (you've now changed lead legs)

Change to:

* Basic/full reverse walk back (1-5)
* Ball-change (&6) - replaces the knee lift
* Walk back to step, left leg leading (7-8)

Putting everything together!!!

Part one:

Part Two A:

Part Two B:

Hope you enjoy! Email with any questions.

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