Butchies blast for Mindi

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16140)

Jog knees high
Keep the jog arms are the only change
Arms pushing down x16 (count)
Arms push forward & backward x16 (count)

Break it down to 8 (count) then 4 (count)

Travel with jog
Moving it up 4 & back 4
As you travel up arms push down, traveling back arms push forward & backward

Travel up & back x8

Travel around pool changing direction.

After you take it back keep jogging knees high but now bring elbows to knees maintaining good form then double time it for 16 count and slow it for 16 count, do this 4x's

Next add on reaching for insole single time x16, double time x16
Do this 4x's then combine it from elbow to knee

Recover with gentle jog in place into double bounce
Take it right into ski moguls arms opposite side to side x16 count
Double hop forward & backward x 16
Twist 16 count
Repeat from moguls to twist 4 x's

Travel the pool.

Pendulum x16 into traveling side to side walking the dog take it back into pendulum cueing that as you count down the right leg will come forward into rocking horse.

Rocking horse, changing arms every 8 count then anchor down on right leg while left does a skateboard motion then hold left knee up and take that combo on the left. You can keep the rocking horse series going and just change the skateboard motion to a glute squeeze or one legged ham curl.

Travel pool

Strength series:
Arm circles neutral stance
Kicks forward with arms straight pushing down and up palms face down without locking out elbows
Add your own strength exercise and stretch

Mindi, I hope this helps you out a little

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