Butchies circuit blast #2

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16142)

Warm up

Low jog heels back pulling water
high knee opposite hand to knee

Travel forward low jog
travel back high knees same arms

Travel pool in figure 8 formation

Wall circuit

Wall push ups
turn to side for outside leg abduction
squats to other side of pool & repeat on other leg

cross country
front alternating kicks

Travel forward with cross country
jacks in place
forward kicks moving back arms reaching in opposition

Travel around pool 4-6X'S

Wall circuit
toe raises
leg extension
glute lift

Side step across pool & repeat on other leg

rocking horse right leg forward
walk the dog right
rocking horse left
walk the dog left

4-6 x's

Back home and put it all together from warm up through each cardio block with out wall circuits and travelling around pool

Gentle flowing Tai Chi movements and final stretch

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