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Hi folks

Here are two 64 count blocks that fit nicely together. The first one changes lead, and the second one does not, so you can put them both together and they change lead.

The 'can-can' repeater variation (the layer for counts 1-8 of the first block) is from Carolyn's really fun class at 24 Hour Fitness in Hermosa Beach and counts 33-48 of the first block are from Fred Hoffman at IDEA this year in Las Vegas. Thanks to both Carolyn and Fred!

'Named' moves are detailed at the end, and alternate layers are given for moves with * by them.

If you have questions or comments, please email me, and please put 'turnstep' somewhere in the subject line!


- Sue

First Block (64 counts - changes lead)

Second Block (64 counts - does not change lead)

Named steps:

'Push left and 3 x triplets around the end' (8 counts, changes lead): push left to east end of bench, 3 x triplets left/right/left,right/left/right, left/right/left around west end of bench to end up on north side of bench sort of facing east wall

'Crossover' right (4 counts, some folks call this a weave ' like an over-the-top, but without the tap, faces same side wall the whole time, changes lead): right foot on bench, left leg swings up behind & over, left foot down on other side of bench, right foot down outside left foot

'L-U-L' right (also can call it 'L-U-turn-L', 8 counts, does not change lead): knee right off right/east end of bench and turn clockwise as you exit to face the back of the room off the end, knee left and exit to the north to face back/south of room. NOTE: in this combo, the 'L-U-L' right is actually done from north/front of the bench to the back/south of the bench

'Dance up and down' right (6 counts, 3 counts up on bench and 3 counts down on ground, does not change lead): from behind bench, sort of facing left/west wall - right foot up onto bench near left end of bench, left foot up on bench behind right foot, right foot steps again on bench in same place as it was, left foot down on ground (still facing left/west wall), right foot steps on ground behind left foot, left foot steps on ground in same place

'Double turnback knees' (8 counts, does not change lead) - like single turnback knee, but do TWO in a row to the TWO back corners of the room as if there were a bench there, before returning to the bench

'Push around the world' right (12 count move, does not change lead, starts from behind bench facing right/east wall, weight is never put fully on bench): right foot 'pushes' on bench towards left/west end of bench (facing left/west wall), step left,right in straddle (still facing same wall), left foot 'pushes' on bench, exit right,left on north side of bench (facing back of room), right foot 'pushes' on bench towards east end of bench (facing east/right wall), step left,right in straddle (still facing east/right wall), left foot 'pushes' on bench, exit right,left on south side of bench (facing front of room)


* Repeater right can be a 'can-can' repeater: right foot on bench count 1, left foot quick-kicks twice in the air (counts 2,3), left foot taps down to ground (count 4), left foot quick-kicks twice in the air again (counts 5,6), exit to ground left,right (counts 7,8)

** These two repeater straddles can be two 'twister' repeaters. The right lead version of a 'twister repeater' goes like this: count 1 right foot on bench, count 2 left knee up, count 3 left foot taps down behind and on the other side of the bench (slight turn of body counterclockwise), count 4 left knee up, count 5 left foot taps down where it started (slight turn of body clockwise), count 6 left knee up into half-hop straddle (keep turning clockwise 180 degrees more), counts 7-8 left,right feet down-down in straddle facing right/east wall. There is lots of turning in this one, so definitely need to remind folks to unweight the foot on the bench. In this combo, there are two repeater straddles - you either need to do two 'twister' versions or two regular versions - you can't do one of each!

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From: Hermosa Beach, California (USA)
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