Sue's Low Impact #1 - medium difficulty, good for subbing

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Hi folks

I don't usually teach low impact. I just started teaching at a new gym with lots of LI classes though, and I now seem to end up subbing LI a lot. I've developed these combinations for when I sub ' these seem to have enough interest to keep folks from getting bored, while still being fairly easy to teach with a class full of folks who don't know me very well...

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions ' just include 'turnstep' somewhere in the subject line.

- Sue

First combo (128 counts - changes lead)

'Hourglass' = one V-step forward and one V-step backwards (i.e. still facing front ' not turning to the back ' makes a sort of hourglass shape)

Second Combo.

'Diamond left' = one step-touch to NW corner (facing NE corner), one step-touch to NE corner (facing NW corner), one step-touch to SE corner (facing SW corner), one step-touch to SW corner (facing SE corner)

Heartrate combo

Simple moves, meant to get heartrate up a bit, can add layers:

Simplest layer (32 counts)

First layer (still 32 counts)
Add motion to the moves - move up on the 4 knees, in place on the double knees, move back on the curls, in place on the double curls

Second layer (still 32 counts)

Third layer (4 x 32 counts)
Add more direction - face front, side (east), back, and side (west) by turning the curls either 90 degrees to the right each time, or (more advanced) turning the curls 360 + 90 degrees to the right (i.e. all the way around once PLUS 90 degrees more)

When I'm subbing low impact I usually teach this as combo 1, then the 'heartrate' block, then combo 2. Sometimes though, I do put combos 1 and 2 together into one big long combo by changing counts 1-32 of the second combo to 2 x (1 grapevine + 2 step-touch + 4 step curls) so the second combo doesn't change lead, but the two combos together do change lead.

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From: Hermosa Beach, California (USA)
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