Motion to Music #7

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 16146)

Here is the routine I taught last week for our annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. All three combinations are 64-count self-reversing. "LC" signifies lead change.

Combo 1

(Repeat left lead)

Combo 2

(Repeat left lead)

Combo 3

(Repeat left lead)

NOTES (assume right lead):

*These three lines make up a 16-count block which breaks down as follows: (1) right heel; (2) right toe tap; (3) step side right; (4-6) double left knee; (7) step side left; (8) right knee lift; (9) right toe taps behind left foot; (10) right knee lift; (11) step side right; (12) left knee lift; (13) left toe taps behind right foot; (14) left knee lift; (15) step side left; (16) right knee lift. Cue: "heel, toe, double knee, pogo.."

**Glide--(1&2) Cha-cha-cha (moving laterally to the right); (3) left foot rocks back behind right; (4) right foot rocks forward. Repeat left lead to complete your 8 counts.

***Three touches and slide--(1-6) right foot taps out-in, out-in, out-in; (7) right foot steps wide; (8) left foot slides (drags) in to meet right. OPTION: On the three taps, do a three-point turn--visualize standing in the center of a clock face. On (1-2) quarter turn pivot as right toe hits 12 o'clock; (3-4) quarter turn pivot as right toe hits 9 o'clock; (5-6) quarter turn pivot as right toe hits 6 o'clock; (7-8) step and slide. On the left lead, it would be 12, 3, and 6 o'clock. Right lead, you are turning counter-clockwise; left lead, clockwise.

****Grapevine, jack and toe pump--(1-4) grapevine right; (5-6) jumping jack; (7-8) crouch low and pump left toe 2x while rolling fists. Repeat left.

*****"V" with a knee--(1) step wide right; (2) step wide left; (3) step in right; (4) knee lift left (bringing left elbow to left knee as you turn slightly to right corner). Repeat left.

******Helicopter--Hop on the right foot 4 times while completing a full 360 turn. Right arm extends straight out in front with wrist flexed and palm facing the wall (as if making the sign for "STOP").

After a thorough breakdown, I taught each combo right/left, then "wove" them, right/left/right, left/right/left. It flowed nicely.

This choreography is inspired by and dedicated to my friend Mary Beth who supported me throughout my cancer treatment and beyond. I wish her all the best in her new endeavors. You'll be missed, MB.

As always, email with questions/comments.

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