Intermediate tapless

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It has been forever since I've submitted, but I've been borrowing a lot lately and thought I'd give back! This is all stuff I've done recently in my interval class, so it is super quick and easy to teach.

Combo one

* You will be on top of the bench right after the skip across. Still facing the east wall, step off the short end of the bench right (1) then left (2) 1/2 of a pivot turn (so you are now facing the west wall coming back towards your bench) (3,4) walk back towards the bench right, left (5,6) step up on top right, left (7,8)

Combo two

* 3 count V, 5 over... do the first 3 counts of a V-step (1,2,3) the left foot is mid air. Step on the bench left, then right as if going over the top (4,5) step down on the south side of the bench left (6) step back right, left foot lifts (7) left foot returns to floor (8)

Balance 4 repeater- Any varation of a 4 repeater works here, but this is the one I chose. Right foot on bench (1) left knee lifts (2) extend the left leg (3) bring leg back in (like you are doing a slow kinch front) (4) left toe touches floor (5) left knee lifts (6) open knee out to side (7) knee back to center (8) exit left right (9, 10)

Please let me know if you have questions... I hope I explained this well enough!

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From: Indiana (USA)
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