Some things that work for me and my classes

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I've taken so many good ideas from this site that I thought it was time to give back. These are a few things that have worked well in class.
Any feedback, + or - is appreciated!
Cheers, Mike


Rock, Paper, Scissors - divide the group into two for a sprinting workout. Choose one person from each team for a Rock, Paper, Scissors, and the losing team has to do a sprint for a 20-30 second interval. Give everyone a turn. The law of averages often makes things work out evenly, so that one team isn't sprinting the whole time, but if not, it's up to you to be creative to make things balance - so that one group doesn't get pooched, and so the others get a workout too. "Sympathy sprints", etc. My groups love this, and the friendly competition is motivating. Make sure you give them a recovery phase in between each sprint, while you choose the next two contestants.

Partner Sprints - I have to credit Jodi who I work with for this one - Pair your class up, side by side, choose an A and a B in each pair, and for one song, Partner A sprints til they can't go, and then Partner B takes over while A recovers. Back and forth, always one sprinting, one recovering - it's gruelling!!! Have them cheer each other on. (see below)


Different people respond to different types of encouragement. When I split my class into pairs, I get them to find out if there partner is an "Oprah" or a "Dr.Phil" type, and to encourage them accordingly. Oprah types like to hear "Great job, you go girl" to spur them on. Phil types may be more inspired by "Move your sorry butt. You've got to DOOOO something!" As an instructor, I try to include both styles with the class, so that everyone gets something that works for them.

Floating (standing, no bounce)

Count to 10 - Have group float while they attempt to count to 10 by calling out the numbers in order as a group, but whenever 2 people speak at the same time, they must start over at one. This can take a while, so be prudent and cut them off if it's getting to be too long of a float. I try to do this 3x during one song. (smart groups realize they can go in order around the room, so when introducing it, steer them away from this by highlighting how anyone can call out the next #. Jump in yourself to mix it up)

Name me ... - similar to above in that the group is floating until they can name 10 things, ie. 10 bike parts, 10 cities in France, 10 capital cities, 10 bike brands, etc.

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