Pilates Rollup/Spinal Bridge Combo

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Set Up: Lying on your back Supine, hands above head, knees bent feet hip length apart (a few inches). Pelvic area in Pilates nuetral, ASIS bones and pubic bone in the same plane. Begin with spinal bridge, inhale to prepare and lenghthen through spine, exhale imprint spline on floor, kick into glutes to peel the vertabrae off the floor beginning with tailbone-careful to come up one vertabrae at a time. Rest in a plank position, weight on shoulder blades and feet evenly. Knees should be the same distance apart as you began with-watch for widening knees! inhale to lengthen, exhale widening through the shoulder blades and imprint down in a straght line, Avoid tension in the chest area while imprinting. when the spine is imprinted at the lumbar (back belly button) begin to bring hands over face. Slide the rib cage down toward the pelvic area and lift the head, eyes going to the lap, and continue to roll up, pleating the rib cage and going into deep spinal flexion with out rounding the shoulders. I like to cue keep your curtain rod (Clavical) open and wide. Inhale at sitting, as you exhale initiate the movement with the pelvic floor, observe your class that they didn't cave at the shoulders or midback, they need to push the pubic bone forward-tucking the tail to initiate the movement. as they imprint down take care to keep the balls of the feet and toes down on the mat. Try to come down slowly and gently one vertabrae at a time, no Kah-Lunks! Hands will go over the head as your shoulders and head meet the mat. Repeat! Hope you enjoy!

Variations: Add the Majic circle or a resistance band to your hands.

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