64s for beginner instructors

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16155)

Easy patterns for new instructors ...

This is a layout of 4 sets of 64 count combos 1,2,3 starts with a right lead, 4 starts left.

Each combo starts with a horizontal step.

                   Left |        | Right

Combo 1 *

Combo 2 **

Combo 3 ***

Combo 4

All notes refer to a RIGHT lead.

* Notes: - Pivot over the bench facing the lead leg as you go over. You will end up facing the opposite direction.

** Notes: I usually do a knee up on count 2,4,6 of the Traveling L-steps

The knee up can be substituted for heel taps, hip lifts, ham curls, or whatever. The class usually picks up on this combo very quickly, and is a great heart rate elevator.

*** Notes: tap & walk: This is actually just a walk right-left-right-left around the bench. The tap back happens on the fourth count of the 'over the top' move and just adds a little flair. End home facing left end of bench. The A-step is over the top, always facing the Left end of the bench.

**** Do a turnstep to repeat Combo 4 leading right or do a V-step to begin another combo

These combos are designed to do 1-4 right lead sequentially then 1-4 starting on the left lead.

If I am teaching the full set I normally teach as follows:

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