Around the World Variation from Jacque

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This pattern is built from "knees around the world" by changing 3 of the knees one at at time. It's a fairly easy pattern to teach & I had 2 newbies today who did well with it.

32 counts, reverses, tapfree, horizontal board. Breakdown follows.

* Shuffle-stroll = Right lead: shuffle down the north side of the board (counts 1&2) toward the east. Then keep walking on the floor toward east wall (counts 3,4). You are now ready to mambo-cha-cha on the floor which will take you around the east end and back home.

** Stomp Repeater (thanks to Rob Glick for this one!) = Right lead: stomp the SW corner with right foot (1); walk back left,right on a diagonal (2,3); tap left toe on floor while you twist left knee and hip toward your body as in the "Elvis" move (4); walk left back toward board (5); stomp right foot on SW corner again (6); exit (7,8).

Option for the second stomp = pivot on the floor, then walk back to the board on 7,8.


Base = 4 knees corner-corner + 2 kicks corner-corner + a 3 knee repeater (32)

Layer 1 = 4 knees around the world + 2 kicks corner-corner + a 3 knee repeater (32)

Layer 2 = Change the second knee to "hopturn around the end, straddle". Finish the combo without any other changes & teach on other lead leg.

Layer 3 = Change the third knee to "shuffle & straddle". Finish the combo without any other changes & teach on other lead leg.

Layer 4 = If necessary, block and teach "mambo-cha-cha" from side to side on the floor behind the board. Even though I use mambo-cha-chas all the time, I found my class needed to do them before inserting it into the combo. If your group is really savvy, you could skip this step.

Layer 5 = Change the shuffle-straddle to a "shuffle-stroll" by cueing "keep walking" and insert the mambo-cha-cha in place of the fourth knee. Kick corner-corner + a 3 knee repeater. Repeat on other lead leg.

Layer 6 = Replace the corner-corner kicks with either walking all the way around the board OR shuffle-turn around the board.

Layer 7 = Block and teach the repeater variation, then insert into the combo.

Email me with questions. Have fun!


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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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