7 To Weave (advanced)

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I've never done this before. I usually do 4 64 count self-reversing combos in 45 minutes, in my advanced class. I decided to make 7 32's and weave them. I teach A,B,and C, then weave. D,E,F, then weave. Finally I add G and weave from the top.

Step is horizontal, tap free, self-reversing. Email questions.

        West                East
                South = home

This first combo is not mine. I borrowed it entirely form Jacque Melear, with one tiny change I believe I used a Broadway curl, as opposed to a Broadway knee. Thanks Jacque my class and I both loved this one (see original pattern #15944)

Total 32

Broadway: At SW corner, curl on bench (2), step down on south side left and right (2), step forward on floor left foot and curl right (2), step back turning to face front right and left (2). Same thing for a Broadway knee.

Weave: AKA scissor. Step right foot on bench (1), left foot crosses behind right (1), left foot to the floor, right foot to the floor (2).

Revolve: Over the top without the tap. Step up right and left on bench (2), step down on floor north side right begin turning toward bench, left foot beside right on floor (2) Next move to start left.

Waltz on top: this is 5 counts, step up right foot on bench (1), left foot behind right (1) right and left rock slightly on bench (1), exit to floor left and right (2). What I do with this is I teach 4 stomps (2 six count mambos) knee lift. Then I preview the waltz on top. We do 2 of these and 1 six count mambo to fill the phrase.

Again Jacque. Lots of fun

Combo B

Total 32

Spin - 360 degree pivot. Start SW corner right foot on bench (1) pivot clockwise 360 degrees, completely around so you end up on the north side of the bench, ready to start with left lead.

Shuffle shuffle walk walk. I start with a shuffle turn. Then instead of the turn, I walk walk on the floor, mambo pivot back to the bench, ready to start with opposite lead. I do this first on the large side of the bench, then take it around the small end.

Reverse turn: start right foot at SW corner, turning on the bench, left foot at SE corner (you are now facing back wall), straddle down right, then left.

Combo C

Total 32 counts

Double stomp: step up right and left (side approach) (2) right foot stomps the floor on north side of bench, left foot lifts slightly (2) right foot stomps floor again on north side, left foot lifts slightly (2), straddle bench right and left (2)

Bruce Lee L: same as a regular L but kick, kick, kick, instead of knee, knee, knee.

V-Repeater: step up right and left into a V (2) right foot steps in on bench (1) lift left knee (1) left foot to the floor, then lift left knee (2), exit left and right (2) mambo pivot on bench. Right foot mambo on bench, push off, pivot on floor, back to bench.

Combo D

Total 32

V-Hangover uses the bench and the floor. Right foot start V on bench, left foot out on floor (2) right foot down to floor (1), left foot beside right on floor (1).

Charleston ski. I borrowed this from Carole some time again and I love this move. Do 1 charleston kick, followed by 4 fast or 2 slow cross country ski moves on floor.

Combo E

Total 32

Reverse split back, straddle. I took an old standard, the split back, added a direction change (reverse) and added a straddle. Step up right and left, turning to face back wall (2) right foot lunges to floor, returns to bench (2), left floot lunges to floor, returns to bench (2), straddle bench right and left facing West.

Turning A-step. I saw this posted recently (sorry can't remember the name but thank you if you posted this, it's great). It takes the tap out of the A-step. Start as with an ordinary A-step right, then left, but as you exit the bench, turn into bench (think revolve), so that you can do another turning A with your right foot again. The problem my class had with this is that the turning A comes out of a straddle position, but if I cue the foot, they get it no problem. LOVE IT.

Curl grapevine grapevine curl. At SW corner, right foot on bench curl (2), grapevine away from bench toward left (4), grapevine back toward bench (4), right foot on bench curl (2). Fill with Basic.

Combo F

Total 32

Cross the mambo - From the turn straddle, simply cross on foot over the bench to mambo on the floor.

Walk the plank. Right foot at SW corner step knee (2), exit off small end of bench, left and right (walk the plank) (2) left foot mambo pivot back toward bench (4). YOu will be at the small end facing east.

Combo G

Total 32

Turning Vs are Sonia's. Start right and left as if to do a V-step (2), but instead of exiting to the floor right and left, straddle the bench right and left (2).

Richochet: step up right foot on bench (1), left foot beside right (1), right foot touches the floor on north side (1) right foot back to bench, while left lifts (ball change) (1), exit left and right (2)

Hope you enjoy this. If you see something you recognize thank you.

Email questions.


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