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I sat down last night and came up with a workout that would work their legs in the cardio portion then get a cardio/leg break by doing an ab/arm circuit with equipment. I hope there's something here you can use. Good luck!

Warmup - any blend of the moves in cardio but at a lower intensity. I did, however use a frog in the warmup to have as an option for the stag jump.

Combo 1

Abs/Arms Circuit with Bells:

1: Have class either jog or march across the pool and back doing lateral bends with bells. Have them push the bell down the side of the leg in a windshield wiper way.

2: Standing alternate knee lifts, opposite arm pulls bell down to touch knee or ankle. For more pec work, have them pull arm straight from the corner down to the leg/ankle. Encourage tight navel and twisting for oblique work.

Combo 2

Repeat combo with hops traveling left first

Abs/Arms Circuit with Bells:

1: Skis on the spot. For chest work, have them circle both arms around to front and through the back. I cued that they'd gathered up all their children and grandchildren to hug. Then reverse the circles for back work and to shoo everyone out of the kitchen! :)

2: Moguls (side-to-side hops) with double arm pushing down and pulling up (upright rows).

Combo 3

Abs/Arms Circuit with Bells:

1: Jogs with bicycle arms. Works chest, back, shoulders and triceps. Imagine your hands are pedaling a bike forward. Bells can be held with palms down, hammer or palms up. I had them do some of each for variety. Be sure to reverse the circles to target the biceps as you circle forward and in, and offer different hand positions.

2: Tuck jumps forward and backward. Jumping jack arms - like a bird flapping its wings. Cue shoulders down and back, bells slightly forward of body to avoid shoulder impingement. Works lats, chest, etc.

Combo #4 - Not really a combo, combo, but a little extra power boost for legs that can raise the heart rate, too.

I have them float with noodles behind them and under arms. They go to the pool side with feet on the wall. They push off powerfully (like a swimmer doing the backstroke), do some flutter kicks to turn around 180 degrees and then bicycle to the opposite wall. If you don't have a lot of room, you can have them push off the wall, kick a little and return to the same wall to do it again. My class loved and groaned about this one.

Abs/Arms Circuit with Bells:

1: Stir the pot. Get them cooled down enough to stand still. Hold a bell or a folded half-submerged noodle with both hands in front of chest. Have them brace their mid-section and hips to remain still and neutral as they stir the noodle in a big circle - like stirring a cauldron of soup or kettle corn. Be sure to circle 3-4x right the 3-4x left. You can also have them spiral the circles out bigger, then spiral in smaller. Works core by resisting the arm motion and keeping neutral spine.

2: Standing noodle crunches. Hands wide on noodle, fold at navel to submerge noodle. Do to right corner, center, then left corner. Then reverse.

We did some standing yoga poses to stretch our legs and further challenge our core: Dancer pose for quad stretch; noodle under ankle for ham stretch, to challenge balance, try without arms; keep noodle under ankle and open leg to side, try without arms; then we did tree pose with arms on water surface, overhead and then softly bending over lifted leg.

Lots of stuff. Hope you like it and can use it!

Write with any questions.
Lisa :)

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