BunBurners, a la cinematic!

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No doubt this has been catalogued many times. This is clearly NOT an entire routine, merely an small addition to your own existing challenging water program. I call these "Tim Conways" and "Charlie Chaplins" for a cute descriptive flair, as many of my seniors are familiar both with the cinematic comic legend "Little Tramp" , as well as Tim Conway's famous skits on The Carol Burnett show. These moves ALWAYS bring much needed mirth and enjoyment to a class. Note: Everyone MUST be well warmed up to begin with, as usual.

After warmup, I instruct the class to bring the feet, ankles, and knees, as best THEY CAN, together. They then "shuffle" across the pool bottom with the feet pointing forward, keeping the buns tight. This works the tibialis (SHIN) muscles incredibly well! These are the "Tim Conways". Everyone usually breaks out in laughter (as well as sweat!) when they discover how much fun, and WORK, these are! After several crossings, or an interval time, I instruct them to do the "Charlie Chaplins"; the hips, knees, and feet rotate externally (OUT) to target the lateral (OUTSIDE) glutes, as well as a different aspect of the shins. You can even instruct them to turn the feet in to get the opposite effect. (No name for these yet!) Again, you can play with the distance and time to really target the shins and abs. A great walking flowing cooldown is necessary to allow the muscles to "come back down". Hope you enjoy this!

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