Super Abdominals

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Hi - this is my first time here so pardon me if I am not too clear with my explanations.

This is a great workout for the abs and my class is actually moaning after goes..

I do this in a small pool and there are bars on all the four sides. Tell the students to float up with their feet behind the bar. It means that they will be in a sleeping position with their feet behind the bar. This will help them to stay in one place and float. If the student does not know how to swim then give them a noodle and tell them to hold it under the arms and then get into the sleeping position with feet behind the bar.

Now once they are in position we start with crunches. These crunches are similar to what we do on land. Cue them to keep their abs tight and legs straight and feet together - no bending knees - and now come up one count. It's got to be slow - and then go back one count. Repeat it 10 times and then tell them to hold it up for 10 counts and then slow pulsing for 10 counts.

Now repeat the same exercise with legs going wider on the wall - ten counts crunches - hold it for ten and the pulse it for 10.

Staying in the same position as above we will now work the obliques. You are going to reach out and touch opposite fingers to opposite toes. In this you twist your upper body to reach the sides. Alternate the sides and after ten counts hold onto one side for 10 counts and then slow pulse for 10 counts. Repeat on the other leg.

Please note that after every crunch you have to get back into a sleeping position and then do the next crunch.

I hope it's clear and if not then please feel free to email and ask me.

Thanks and all the best.


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