Pirate Paul's Port O call

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Avast mateys!

Pirate Paul's choreography ship came in and has deposited this here 32 count self-reversing gem for ye. Tis simple enough and should not require usual consumption of all things grog based. Now belay that bellowing and drink if ye must, but pay attention so's ye don't trip on the deck.

Remember, ye always start with your right wooden leg first!

Quantity - description - counts

* Walk over, may be called something else. If the routine is started on the right, then this move is with the left foot first as the wide mambo is a lead changer.
Count 1) Left foot to center of step, you are facing east
Count 2) Right leg crosses behind left leg and lands on the front side, you are still facing East
Count 3) Left foot comes down and lands naturally beside right, further away from step, you are facing East and ready to now step RIGHT for the glute flye home.

Glute flye, scissor, WHATEVER - One foot steps up the other swings violently behind and lands on the opposite side of the step and then the other foot comes down. I do use repetitions of this move in the breakdown to get their heart rate back up.

Reverse turn straddle - If ye don't know don't ask, not for the faint of heart me buckos. But if ye absolutely must know, then email me, tis no big deal this here move but most folks lose their lunch just like on a ship. Blowin' chunks is not a pretty site in class.

2 knee repeater, each is a 6 count move. The variations off of this are many, here are two:
1) A single lunge - 6
2) Knee lift over tap and back -6
I show these variations and advise the crowd to use either, both, neither as they wish.

If you would like help in breakdown or in further understanding the Pirate logic (hick!), email me.


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