3-32's #4

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Hi guys, here are three self-reversing combinations for you. Probably sampled all of the moves from here, so nothing new except maybe the first move, which is a fun one, I am sure it is not new, just can't remember where it comes from.

Carole taught me how to break down routines, so the basic concept I use is to start with first move, and throw in a lead changer for 32 counts and repeat with other lead. Then first move, add second move for 32 counts, add a lead changer and repeat. Same way till you get to the end, Sometimes you have to go to 64 counts (or farther) to square it up. Of course there is always an exception, like in the last combiantion which I will explain below.




1- V-step center and step behind and to the side, facing west, then 4 steps back to southeast corner, doing the moonwalk with sneakers on hardwood takes some effort, but it is fun. Walkaway Joe is a diagonal walk across, pivot and walk back to bench. Swing step or scissor whatever you call it, tapless across the top move.

2-Pretty straightforward, stomp top and side is right foot to bench count 1, lift left foot slightly count 2, straddle down right foot count 3, lift left foot slightly count 4, ready to move on starting from straddle position.

3-Better start the breakdown with the second move or someone will throw a riser at you for trying to get back on the 32 with a 10 count move. Once they get the mambo then I usually do some regular L-steps to confuse them, then call off the 10 count move and do two mambos on the bench then four basics to let them find their feet and get squared up and try it again. A few times through and those that are gonna get it, get it. By count, here is the L-step tap back. Right lead- first 4 counts, are half an L-step, facing front-right foot on bench count 5, left foot to back of front (home) of bench count 6, right foot to front of bench (away) count 7 (you are straddling now, facing west), left foot on bench count 8, right foot swing behind and home count 9, left foot steps down (home) count 10. Non reversing 10-count move, Voila!

Oh yeah, repeater pump is repeater knee variation, with three little hops around the corner.

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