Movin and Groovin

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Combos are self-reversing. 32 count. Tapless. I refer to the side of the bench closest to the instructor as the home side and the opposing side the back side.

*Repeater knee revolve: Facing front of bench step up and do a regular knee repeater but instead of tapping on the floor tap on top of bench. On the last tap exit forward and turn on the floor to face the back of the room just like you would in a revolving door.

** V hop knee with a jack: Begin the move with a regular V-step on top of bench (1-2), hop both feet together pull your left knee up (3-4), exit down down (5-6) one jack on floor (7-8). When you are leading right your left knee pops up, when you are leading left your right knee pops up. The next move is the basic jog, so when your left knee pops you'll jog left, when your right knee pops you'll jog right. This prepares you for the change in leads.

***Shuffle turn around the bench: You can actually do two regular shuffles if you prefer but to add some difficulty and fun you can shuffle around. Start by doing a regular shuffle turn but instead of turning around to come back just stay facing the same direction and step around the end of the bench (2 count) then shuffle backwards and step around the other end.

****Over the top and back: Everyone knows this move but to add some power and fun I had my students go diagonally over rocking forward with the lead foot,then go diagonally backwards and mambo back on the floor. Same count as over and back just added some variety to it.

Please email with any questions!! Have fun.

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From: Florence, Alabama (USA)
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