Two sides to every step-tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16107)

I was so proud of my step class. They caught on quickly and really liked this pattern after they stopped being dizzy from all the turning. Being tapless it flowed beautifully.

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Second Pattern:

Third Pattern:

Fourth Pattern:


Each move has right or left after it. This is the foot you step with.

Split step-left-up/up; down with the left off the front of the step; down with right off the back of the step; up/up; down/down at home. You are actually straddling the bench.

Straddle turn-left-up/up facing the outside of the bench; straddle down/down; up/up; as you come down you come down on the front side of the step facing the back of the room.

Turning out out or V-left; wide up/up as you come down you exit off the front turning so you face the bench positioning yourself to do another turning V to get back home.

Double lunge-left-Up/Up; lunge twice with left foot, tap on bench with left and then exit with left foot.

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