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This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16114)

This is a body sculpting/lifting routine for an hour long class. You'll need a bench with risers, mat, medium dumbells, heavy dumbells, and a body bar or barbell with weights.


Start with feet apart and inhale bringing arms up overhead. Exhale down. Roll those shoulders back 4x, pick it up to a march. I used 126-128 bpm for my classes. Include heel presses, high-knees with lat pull-downs, hip flexor stretches, quick squats, hamstring curls, etc. I often use marching in between as a break or transition depending on the level/coordination of the clients. Warm-up should be 5-8 minutes long.

Set one - Use medium dumbells

Squats - with weights held, cross arms across the chest or just keep the weights at your side. Feet are shoulder wide, knees & toes forward, weight in the heels. Pattern is 8 single, down and hold for a few seconds, 8 pulses, back to the top for 2 counts down 8 x, down and hold, pulse for 8 counts, back to 8 singles.

Overhead Shoulder Press - Extend weight overhead slightly in front of body. Press to the top for 8 singles, then go to 8 alternating arms, back to 8 singles.

Squats - Repeat as above only use the body bar or barbell. Same pattern of 8 singles, pulse, 8 doubles, pulse, 8 singles.

Overhead Shoulder Press - Repeat using body bar. Use a pattern of 8 singles, 8 doubles, 8 singles.

Set two - Body bar or Barbell with Weights

Deadlifts - hinging forward from the hip, lower the weight down the front of the leg just past the knee. Keep a slight flex in the knee and return to the upright position. 8 singles, 8 doubles, 8 singles.

Reverse Rows - Same weight comes to top of knee. Lift toward abdominals, releasing back to knee. 8 singles, 8 doubles, 8 singles.

Set three - Medium to heavy dumbells

Lunges - For a challenge do these off the bench. Left foot on top of the bench, right foot back. Lunge using the same pattern 8 singles, pulse for 8, 8 doubles, pulse, 8 singles. Remind them of their posture - shoulders back, hips perpendicular to floor, weight in the front heel. Pivot so that the left foot stays on the bench but is now in a reverse lunge position. Repeat pattern. Then switch sides with right foot on top of the bench.

Bicep Curls - Start with Hammer curls. Weight is at your side lift to the top of the shoulder, keeping elbows close to body. Do 8 double arms, 8 alternating arms, 8 doubles. Now repeat with arms in front bicep postion - palms out (reverse grip).

Set four - Bench with weights

Chest Press - Supine position on the bench, use barbell or body bar and the same pattern - 8 singles, 8 doubles, 8 singles. Now take the hands to a wide grip (goal-post hold) and repeat pattern.

Supine Pullover - Using one heavy dumbell, extend arms overhead so weight drops just to the crown of the head, pull back to the point the weight comes between the forhead and eyes, keeping arms extended with just a slight flex in the elbow. 8 singles, 8 doubles, 8 singles.

Chest Flyes - Using heavy dumbells, start from the top and use the same pattern. Bring both arms to the top, go four down with both arms, then four with just the right arm, back to four with both arms, then four with just the left arm, then back to four with both arms.

Tricep Skullcrushers - use body bar or barbell. You may have to take off a little weight. Keep the elbows high and bend 90 degrees. These are going to hurt! Same pattern 8 single count, 8 double count, 8 single count. Try to get them to do a second set.

Set five - Medium dumbells (back to the floor)

Plie' Squats - rest dumbells on top of thighs or hold at chest. 8 single count, pulse for 8, eight double count, pulse for 8, 8 single count.

Lateral Flyes - Use same weight as above lifting the side. 8 both arms, 8 alternating sides, 8 both arms.

Plie' Squats - Repeat as above for a second set.

Set six - On the floor with mat for abs and glutes.

Glute bridges - Use dumbells under each foot. Heel on the floor. Lift hips off the mat making a plane from the knees to shoulders. Lift and squeeze glutes to the pattern of 8 singles, pulse, 8 doubles, pulse, 8 singles. Relax and remove weights.

Hamstrings - Same bridge position, hands at your side for support or under buttocks. One leg is bent at 90 degrees. Lift and lower in the same pattern as above. Switch legs and repeat pattern. Ouch!

Abs - start in a seated position with legs crossed Indian-sytle. RIght hand rests on mat, left arm extends over head slightly in front of face. Contract to side for two counts, release. Continue on same side for 8. Then switch sides. Now move hands to behind the head with fingers interlaced. Same pattern. Now move hands to top of shoulders and repeat as above.

In a seated position, with heels tracking right behind glutes, sit up tall extend arms forward with palms up. Roll back to a half roll, then back up the starting position. Repeat for 12.

Roll all the way to the floor, feet stay on the floor. Extend arms at side with palms up. As you exhale up, peel shoulders and head off mat in a small pulsing motion for 12 counts.

Back to the mat for bicycle. Extending one leg and alternating shoulders. Keep abs drawn into the mat. I cue to draw the belly button into their backbone. 12 counts of bicyle.

You can add more abs as time allows. I also have them turn over into a prone position and work the lower back. Finishing with a shell stretch or childs pose. BTW, I stretch in between each set. We finish the class with some deep stretching, especially for the back and then inhale to the top, exhale down, two times.

Enjoy -- hope this works for you all. ;)

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