September Step

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Here are some combos that have gone over really well in class and flow nicely together.

#1 64 count. Self-reversing

#2 64 count. Self-Reversing

#3 32 Count. Self-Reversing

Here is my attempt to try to explain the moves..

* Hamcurl Walk Away: hamcurl on the step, 3 turning hamcurls on the floor 360 (you will end with your right foot curled behind you ready to go into stomp/straddle) Base move: 2 hamcurls @ the end, or hamcurl repeater @ the end

** Pulse Squats: base move: is 3 quick squats with a rock back. Advanced move-1 quick squat right lead, propel yourself across the step, 1 quick squat on the other side, propel yourself back across, quick squat, rock back

*** Triple Turn: By the count. Right lead. Step up like a turnstep right 1, left 2, right foot to the floor 3. Stomp the step left 4, step up right like a turnstep 5, step left foot to floor 6, stomp the step right 7, step up left like a turnstep 8, step down right 9, rock back 10,11. (the next move of "over the top rock back" 5 count, makes it an even 16 count move) Base move: 3 turnsteps, 1 over the top.

**** Stomp and Rock across (Hip-Hop): right foot steps up on to the corner of the step (1) left foot steps out to the side of the step, right foot lifts slightly on step (2) transfer weight back to right foot while stepping up on top of step and moving to other end right/left (3,4) right foot steps out to the side of the step (5) transfer weight back to left foot while doing a knee lift right back home (6) step down right (7) step down left (8). Once you get this you can add some cool arms and some personal style to this. The across the top will become more like a quick hop/tic toc/switch type move. Have fun with it.

If you have any questions about any of the moves please e mail me, Id be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Step Safely

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