Ham-hop Fun, Intermediate

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Hi all ... this is a tapless, self-reversing intermediate pattern. Includes some mild crossphrasing. Assume right lead. Breakdown follows.

First, an explanation of the moves:

* Two knees up and turning: step onto bench and do two alternating knees (consecutively, no exit in between). You can keep them straight forward or turn toward the back of the room as you do them (then exit facing front). Up the challenge factor by hopping as you do them. Counted: step right on bench and raise left knee 1-2, right knee 3-4 , exit 5-6.

** Mambo-L: step right foot on left end of bench then left foot on floor as you would with normal L-step. But instead of doing a knee with the right leg as in a normal 'L', mambo back (I believe some people call this "tango"), then step on bench right again and exit with a left knee, just like regular L-step. Counted: step right on bench 1, left on floor 2, mambo back right 3, mambo forward left 4, step right on bench 5, left knee up and exit 6-7-8

*** Matador: this is a rock on top of the bench, then single stomp on the floor. I like to raise up both arms and snap my fingers on the rock to make it more matador-like (tee-hee!). Counted: step right on bench 1, rock back left and forward right 2-3, step down left-right 4-5, stomp left on floor 6, back to home position 7-8.

Now, the breakdown. (This is based on my intermediate groups. You might want to break it down further if you're working with less skilled steppers.)




The rest:

Confused? email me! Hope you can use this in your class.

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