Tank Top Shoulders

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16416)

Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful site! I love to get ideas from here, and I use this every week....

Here is a shoulder workout which I simply love!

You will need a ball, mat, and LIGHT Weights (I use a 3 pound)

Starting out with knees on mat and ball right in front. Make sure that your legs have a good base in the back for balance then drape body over ball so that when you are in a comfortable position with your arms downward and straight in front towards the floor. Of course, do not lock elbows and remember proper alignment. This is starting position.

1) With your LIGHT weights, raise the weights up (like a frontal raise - palms down) to a count of 4 so that they are parrallel to the floor ("superman" position)

2) Move arms from this position to the sides to a count of 2 (they will stay parrallel to the floor and you will look like a "T")

3) Lower the arms down to the floor on the sides to a count of 2 (midpoint).

4) Raise them from this midpoint position back up parrellel to the floor to a count of 4 (going back into that "T" position)

5) Move arms from the "T" position to the "Superman" position to the count of 2

6) Back to starting position to a count of 2 - this is one rep.

My verbage usually sounds like this: "up, 3,2, 1; out for 2, down for 2; up, 3,2, 1; in for 2, down for 2 - that's one".

I usually do 12 my first set, 10 my second set and if the class is up to it 8 my last set. Emphasize the nuetral alignemnt of the head neck and spine and that they need to use the full 4 count on the lifting during starting position and midpoint position.

Email me if you have any questions.

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