Easter Eggstravaganza

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16419)

This is too late for this Easter, but you can save it for next Easter. (I bring bunny ears for all of my students to wear during class - they easily dry out overnight)

I sort of tell a storyline throughout the class.


Repeat entire sequence 3x more making full square to end facing front again.

Repeat with left leg

Repeat jog forward, hop back, "Bunny Hop" square turning left.


Repeat all moving across pool to left side (going to home church). Repeat squats and twists. (Check out the ladies we see weekly. Then repeat to right side of pool (visiting snobby ladies church - check out the jewelry). Back to left side of pool (visiting church we went to as youngster). I always say something like - if old friends ask what's secret for looking so great, tell them WATER AEROBICS!.

Section 3 - Easter Parade

Various walks and poses moving across the pool and back. Then I shout out....look at the time, hurry home and pack, I forgot to tell you about the spring trip I have us booked for. Have students do random jogs around pool in various directions. (Go pack swimwear, change direction to pack ski clothes, change - pack jeans, plaid shirt, boots and work out clothes, change - hurry to the plane)

Section 4 - Spring Break - California

Ski Resort - Put on your ski clothes - jog to sides of pool. We are landing at a ski resort. Cross country ski across the pool, (single, single, double). Turn and singles skis with strong arms back other direction. Repeat 3x more.

Dude Ranch / Spa - Change to jeans, etc. grab a noodle. With noodle held in front, rocking horse across pool. (some will have bucking broncos - some ponies - their choice) Move across pool, turn and change front foot and rocking horse back. Get on noddle like a horse and suspended - ride horse (using feet and arms) across the pool and back. Spa portion....tie noodles in pretzel. This spa is a philanthropic spa - it is our job to each create 10 baskets for the poor children in the nearby town. Students do 10 crunches for each item alternating front, right, left.

Then everyone has to jog around pool exchanging baskets (pretzel noodle) with every other person.

Section 5 - Beach Time

Divide into groups (I made three groups) Each with a beach ball. First have them pass the ball around the circle 3-4x, reverse, then do into random patterns. (maybe every other person if circle number is uneven) Then see how many times each group can keep the ball moving without dropping it. You can make up numerous things.

Everyone had a great time and admitted it was a harder workout than they thought it would be at first. You might adapt this for a summer game day. Change up the storyline. Have fun!!

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