OH YEAH BABY! SOME new ab's! Race the car to that flat belly!

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16421)

Hey everyone! Here is a great ab routine that I used, works great! Simple 15 minute work-out!

Check out the full description of what the exercise is below! =)

Repeat sequence 2x

1) Crunch-pulse-holds: start with regular crunches, the pulse is where we have shoulder blades off the floor and we are doing little crunches. Holds are were we are up in the crunch position holding it. Don't forget to breathe here!

2) Ab circles! Come up in a V-sit (you can bring your hands behind your back for extra support!) legs are out and feet are together. You are going to make circles with your feet! Start in one direction, and then switch! No rest in between!

3) Heel drops! Come up in a V-sit legs are bent in about a 90 degree angel, one at a time drop your heels down toward the floor!

4) Race car abs: you start down in the crunch position, shoulder blades come up off the floor so abs are contracted! Bring your arms out to the sides in almost a goal post position, you want to pretend you are driving a car and move side to side. Make sure your elbows touch the floor when you are rotating.

5) Reach arounds: you start down in the crunch position with knees bent. Start over on the left (or right) both arms are extended and you are going to reach down toward your left foot with both hands. The left shoulder blade is going to stay on the floor while the right side is up a little bit. Really reach down to feel the contraction! Work one side first before moving to the next! You could even through some isometric holds in there!

Hope you can use something here! =)

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