The Wizard

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16432)

This combo is great fun and you can get some good cardio going if you add the optional moves and really power the simple ones....I consider this for more intermediate and advanced steppers.Using the North/South/East and West to determine foot placement....combo starts with a right lead from the south side of the step.

32 count total

Repeat with left lead

Make sure on the second reverse turn that you DO NOT pony down! but as you step down you must pivot a little to the right to position yourself for the left lead step kick on the SE corner.

The Wizard is a move I saw Patrick Gouteau perform from the center of the step but I pulled it to the end to avoid anyone's tricky to explain but here goes! The count is 1 AND 2 on the left foot lead 3 AND 4 on the right lead.

Facing East at the West end of the step....left foot steps on count 1 at West end-right leg swings behind the body towards the North west corner and steps down count AND, Left foot steps down beside the right on the floor count 2.

The left foot pushes OFF the step so it is sort of like a chug step except when the left foots goes to the step you push off the step and swing the right leg behind your body and towards the left, then you repeat with the right foot so that you end up ready to do the step pivot on the floor at the south side of the step. It's quick and fun and you can get a lot of power if you really push off the step and swing the leg back...kind of step, cross, step on the floor...

I've taught step for over 20 years 5 to 10 classes a week...still love it and get excited about it. Please don't hesitate me if you don't works, it's a great one and my classes love, love, love it...Sometimes I don't understand all the explainations so I hope that I explained it well for you! Debbie

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