Inspired by Jacque's "Tie the Knot" -- Intermediate, tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16433)

I posted this on the moves board and thought I'd put a copy here too ... enjoy! (Thanks to Jacque for the nifty "tie the knot" move.) 32-count, tapless, self-reversing, intermediate level. Assume horizontal bench and right lead. Breakdown below.

Moves assuming right lead:

* Double ham-pivot: Two-ham repeater on bench. On count five, step down left, step forward right and pivot 6-7, return to bench 8 (lead-changing move)

** Chasse over and back: Three-count chasses over the bench and back. Side approach, step up left on one, hop and land with right foot on bench and left foot on floor on "and-2", step down right on three. (Search the moves board if you need further explanation of this move.)

*** Tie the knot: Jacque's previous posts explain this move well, so look there if this doesn't make sense: Front approach, step up wide left-right (1-2), step on floor to side of bench with left foot on 3, then right-left on bench 4-5

**** 5-count mambo on floor: Step off bench left/right on 1-2, turning toward back of the room, mambo (stomp) L on 3, back to bench 4-5.


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