H20 Hot Potato

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16568)

I tried this with a class of 12 students and they went nuts over it:

Everyone in a big circle, around the perimeter of the pool, sitting on their noodle (like they're riding a horse).

Put 8 large colorful beach balls in the pool.

They run their feet (in place) while tossing the balls from person to person.

The blue ball is the "hot potato". Whoever has the blue ball when the music stops is "out".

The person who's out takes their noodle to the center of the pool and does whatever noodle exercise I tell them to do.

Each subsequent person who's "out" then enters the center of the circle and proceeds to do the noodle exercises I tell them to do.

When it gets down to two people, the winner will get a prize.

By this time, the folks in the center have gotten an amazing noodle class. Lots of laughs (mainly because there were so many balls, and people weren't exactly coordinated) and I made the noodle exercises increasingly challenging.

Between all that music, chasing errant balls, thinking of the next noodle movements... I felt like I taught two classes at once.

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