Kimz's Windy City Favorites Part TWO

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16581)

Combo 3 (right lead)

Kick back mambo cha cha- kick to the west, mambo to the back South/East (on the floor), cha cha cha to get back on a right lead.

Reverse up and lunge it two- (this is the hardest part... and I usually show it before or after the warm up so they can get an idea of how to do it before we break it down) you're on a right lead behind your board facing West. Reverse turn as you step up onto the board (right foot (1) then left (2))... now you're facing East. Lunge right (3,4) then left (5,6) (always lunge to the back of the room first) then exit behind your board right (7) and left (8).

Alternate your knee- right lead to the West corner than East.

Repeat your knee- just a three knee repeater West (of course you can add variety by changing this up a little).

Combo 4 (left lead)

L-stomp, floor stomp- step on the East corner of your board left (1) stomp on (or tap) the floor off the little East end with the right (2) exit behind your board right, left (3,4) simulate the same motion.... but on the floor facing South/West right, left (5,6) step back behind your board left, right (7,8).

Kick karate kick- this is just the same counts as alternating your kick... you just walk straight backwards to the second kick instead of doing it on the other corner.

Two stomps around scissor back- only your left foot is on the board the other foot stays on the floor as you travel around the East corner to the front of the board for a four count... two stomps are on the board two steps with your right foot are on the floor to bring you around the little end. Then step up again left and scissor the right leg behind you landing it on the floor behind your board... then step down left.

Shuffle turn for two- kind of chug the turnstep right left right and exit... left right left then exit (this keeps it tap free).

Combo 5 (right lead)

Jazzy-L: (I say Jazzy-L or Regular-L in case they have trouble with it... a regular L-step will work out the same way) right lead step up (1) left knee up (2) squat off the West little end... your left foot is on the floor, your right is still on the board and there is a pause (3,4). You're making a Jazz Square as you exit; step across to the West with your right foot (crossing in front of your left) step back with the left foot, then cha cha cha, right, left, right. I cue it "knee up, squat down, cross, step back and cha cha cha". Repeating it on both sides to give them a chance to get it while I cue it a few times... I also count it while we do it and that sometimes helps since the count is "1,2,3,4 (they can feel the pause there) 5, 6, 7, AND, 8" the and is for the cha cha cha. ;)

Tap it four around the world (board)- they can stay behind the board and just tap their board; left, right, left, right... (they really get into this part. :P Some people double time tap... or double time tap around the board... or jack it, they have fun). I just tap and step over the board each time kinda circling my way around the board. I also do this move in the warm up so they are comfortable with it.

Run it up for two- just run up the left basic.

V-step for two- just two V-steps on a left lead... you can also add power to this... jump it up or whatever. :P

Have fun, and email me any questions!

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