Bar + Band = BURN

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16691)

All you will need is a band (with handles) + a body bar along with normal step

Here are some ideas

1. Biceps- Wrap the handles around both ends of body bar and step feet over the band on the floor to hold it down in the do bicep curls like you normally would with the body bar--- You will feel extra resistance and this springy resistance is so good for the muscles!

2. Anterior/front raises (same setup as above)

3. Upright rows

Now to move it down to the bench/step:

4. Chest press- wrap the band with handles under the step and lay down on the step like you are going to do regular chest presses with the bar--- String the handles around the ends of the bar--- Now try the chest press with that extra resistance!!!

5. Tricep pullovers (same set up)

6. Tricep skull crushers

Now....put a mat perpindicular to your bench/step behind it. Put your bar down on the bench so it is resting on it straight across. String handles on both sides, step inside the band with feet and get down on your knees and rest elbows on bench holding on the bar. With one leg press back against the band for extra resistance and do several reps. Can do normal donkey kick like moves with this set up (including knee into chest and press leg back -or- straight leg hip extensions up and down)

These moves will leave you extra sore because of that extra springy resistance!

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