Hips Don't Lie from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16692)

This is for my "Dance-Infused-Step-Challenge" class. The final version is fairly advanced and quite "dancey", but you can eliminate some of the breakdown for intermediate or non-dance-inclined groups.

Note: In an effort to streamline my cueing, I am replacing the term "back-mambo" with "tango". I'm using "tango" to indicate stepping one foot back as in a "rock-back".

32 counts; reversing, tapfree, horizontal board.

*Jazz Square = (right lead at W end) crossover with right, step wide with left, step slightly behind with right, crossover with left. I cue it: "cross, walk, walk, cross". This entire 8 count lends itself to a lot of snazzy style if you want to play with swiveling your hips & moving your torso.

**The syncopated stomps happen on "4-5-and-6" of the final 8 counts. The stomps are on 4 & 6. "5-and" is two quick steps on the floor. For your athletically inclined, emphasize power here. For the dance inclined, emphasize getting funky.


Base Part 1 = 5-knee repeater + 1 basic
1. Change repeater: double stomp + 4 floor marches + 1 knee + 1 basic
2. Add direction: double stomp off the end of the board, march in place at the end, exit home on the knee + basic
3. Demo the jazz square on the 4 marches
4. Add Base Part 2 = 2 alternating 3-knee repeaters (this is also filler so you have time to explain the upcoming change to the knee & basic)
5. Replace the knee & basic: chassée; home on the floor + stomp corner-corner
6. Block and teach Part 2: Hold the alternating 3-knee repeaters

For Beginning/Intermediate classes: eliminate the rest of the breakdown. Keep the pattern so far & layer the repeaters with something fun & easy like a "hip-hop" repeater (step-kick, touch behind & hold while you do a pelvic tilt, step-kick, exit)

For Intermediate/Advanced classes continue:
7. Replace the alternating 3-knee repeaters: 4-knee repeater + march 4 on floor + 1 knee.
8. Replace the marches & single knee with a tango & the syncopated stomps: 4-knee repeater + tango in place as you exit (3 floor marches) + stomp-quick-quick-stomp, march 2. Repeat on the same lead-leg until they have it.
9. Switch the lead either by reviewing Part 1 so far OR if their brains need a rest by doing an odd # of alternating kicks with an odd # of basics.
10. Teach step # 8 on the other lead.
11. Replace the 4-knee repeater: 2-knee repeater + tango in place & stomp + tango in place again + syncopated stomps.
12. Demo the floor tango option: 2-knee repeater + exit turning in toward your board (counts 1-6) + step wide to face back wall (count 7) + tango by stepping behind (count 8) + reverse your direction & turn to face front at home position (counts 1-3) + syncopated stomps (counts 4-5-and-6) + march 2 in place at home (counts 7,8)
13. Review Part 1, switch the lead-leg & practice steps # 11 & 12 on the other lead.
14. Combine Parts 1 & 2 so far: double stomp off the end + jazz square + floor chasse home + stomp corner-corner (16) + 2-knee repeater + floor tango + syncopated stomps (16) = (32)
15. Demo doing the chassée; on top of the board & rocking down off the front. While they do a 2-knee repeater, you exit down, down at home & do 1 knee with them.
16. Take a break from the pattern - hold with alternating knees. Demo & have them practice "knee-weaves" over. Use this time to let them know there is an upcoming directional change which is optional. Encourage them to stay with what they know, watch a couple times and decide whether they want to give it a go.
17. Review the pattern so far: double stomp off the end + jazz square + chassée; on top + rock down off the N side (16) + exit down, down at home + 1 knee + floor tango + syncopated stomps (16) = (32).
18. Demo the reverse exit on N side + knee-weave back to the home side of the board. Continue with the floor tango, syncopated stomps.

Feel free to email me with questions!


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