Kathy's Stomp wide

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16317)

32 counts, reversing horizontal board


Double stomp right march x 4, right basic x 2, alternate single knee x2, 3 knee repeater (holding pattern). Repeat on left side

Stomp wide right off West end of step, march back to front of step x 4, right basic (holding pattern as above repeat on left side)

Stomp wide right West end then cross left foot over right on step exit front of step (1-6), right march (7-8) right basic x 2 (9-16) then holding pattern as above repeat on left side.

Stomp wide right West end, cross left over right, right single stomp on West corner of step, left single stomp on East corner of step, right basic x 1 (holding pattern repeater left)

As above but the first single stomp right goes towards the back of the room rather than on step if you wish.

As above but the 2 single alternate knees and 3 knee repeater is replaced by:

Right march on floor at front of step, right single knee, left basic x 2 (this pattern is now self-reversing, repeat on left side from the stomp wide) So far it should go as follows:

Right stomp wide, left cross over right on step, right single stomp to back of room, right basic x 1, right march x 4 right single knee left basic x 2

The second single stomp which has been on the step becomes a stomp switch which takes you to the North side of step.

* Stomp Switch - left foot stomps on step whilst the right foot switches or goes behind the left foot without touching the step the count is 1-3


Stomp wide right West end, cross left over right, right single stomp to back of room, left stomp switch to North side Basic OR reverse right, walk round the step (this is the march previously) or cha cha (4 counts), right single knee left basic for 2.

The single knee then changes to a mambo cha cha on floor. The last 2 basic at first become a six march count on top of the step then change into an 'Elvis' twist, so left knee twists in then right knee twists in. Another variation is to reverse the Elvis, so as you step up right you turn to face the back of the room, Elvis twist then exit back to face front.

Hope you can use some or all of this pattern. Any questions please email me.

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