Valentine's Day Yoga

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Many of the poses involve opening the chest and therefore the heart. Inverted poses take pressure off the heart. Some poses are just to counter the love/happiness/joyful poses, some are just fun.

Heat building:
Heart Breathing - Standing, hands over heart, imagine breath is pure love pouring in & flowing out.
Lover's Warm up - Standing, similar to sunflower moving pose but hands/arms draw the shape of a heart as you squat & return.

Standing poses:
Triangle to
1/2 moon to
Triangle with top arm bent at elbow, hand behind back, open chest & press elbow back.

Cupid - Archer balance pose: Stand with right foot in front of left, right arm extended in front, gaze follows hand as it sweeps behind you.

Sun salute - add twists during low lunges, add alternate leg lift with torso twist in down dog pose.

On the stability ball:
Triangle with top arm just like in standing triangle.
Wheel - spine on ball, feet on floor, reach overhead to floor so that your body is making an exaggerated bridge.
Seated chest expansion - arms behind back, press chest forward.

On the floor:
Camel to
Cat to
Cobra to
Child's pose to
Headstand preparation (feet never leave ground)
roll over onto back
Bridge to
Hug knees to chest to
Draw a heart with extended legs to
Hug knees to chest

Shoulder stretches (hold towel with close grip behind head; hold towel with wide grip & one arm overhead & one below; one arm behind back/palms together at waist side/press elbows toward each other).

Dead man's pose with hands over heart, same imagery as heart breathing from beginning.


Feel free to email me with questions.

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