Paper combo 15

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 16334)

* Bunny hop - feet together, fists by your chest, hop with knees high (stomp down), let your arms help you

** Power knee - same as jump kick/hitch kick but instead of kicking you are slamming them on your knee, so grab and slam with arms too

*** Spinning back kick - after you did a side kick with right leg toward center-. Plant the right leg down turn your body toward the back of the room and kick with left leg forward, look that way too. Make sure your feet pivot properly and you look where you kick (heel is your weapon)

**** Axe kick - almost the same as crescent BUT your leg will go from out to in, and you foot is flexed. In this motion (out to in) when your leg gets infront of your body, your bottom of your heel is your weapon and you go straight down, I guess a letter D would describe it. The heel is aiming on a collar bone, or when person bent over, on their back or back of the head.


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