Jirina's ABS - stability ball - crunchless

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16337)

Hip twists

Assume prone on the ball. Hips on top of the ball, balance with upper body. With your hips you'll drive the ball to the side, stacking them (hips), keep your shoulders square and twist your hips only, take your time, this takes a lot of balance and control, keep looking down, neck and spine - one line, this way you will keep your focus.

Knee tucks

Knees on top of the ball, balance with upper body, don't let your low back sag down. Drive the ball in with your kness (knees to chest) and extend back to the starting position. The closer the ball toward your feet, the harder this gets, the closer toward your abs the easier it gets. You can start on your knees to see the resistance, to make it harder, keep your shins on top of the ball, to make it even harder, keep your toes on top of the ball.

To play with the knee tucks, you can go one leg at a time. (this one is really tough and shouldn't be used by beginners) Start as above, when you are ready to bring the knees in, keep one leg off the ball and extended above the ball and move the ball with one knee only, again neck and spine one line, don't look around, you'll loose your balance.


Same as above, but your legs are straight, you are driving the ball in with your legs straight. Trying to bring your upper body 90 degrees with the floor, if you can't go all the way up, go as high as possibly, here you can play with the speed to add extra challenge.

Push outs

Forearms on the ball toes on the floor {knees on the floor (modified)} So you are basically in a plank position on the ball. Use your elbows and forearms to push the ball away about an inch or two and return back. This is a little move, you'll feel it all over, your whole core will be working to keep you up, specially when you are pushing out. Watch for bad posture.


Same position as above - toes or knees. You'll be doing tiny circles with your elbows, push out, right, back left and reverse.

Roll outs

On your knees, keep the ball in front of you, the further away the harder it is... Keep your forearms on the ball, for more balance keep them apart. Imagine you cannot bend at your hips, keep your body straight, DON'T BEND AT YOUR HIPS. you are going to roll the ball out with your arms, until the arms are straight, you'll be coming back the same way, using your arms (thus your abs) to roll the ball back to starting position. DON'T STICK THE BUTT OUT!!! If you do you won't be doing the exercise properly and you'll be waisting your time. You can take these side to side (diagonally)as you are rolling out. Or you can put the ball by your side and work your obliques by rolling the ball out with your one arm sideways. - this one is super tough, so practice first if you want to introduce it to your class.

Side leg drops

On your back, ball between your feet, legs straight up, arms out to the side, for more balance, slowly with control lower the legs to the side, best if you go 90 degree with the body - toughest. Before your bottom leg touches the floor drive those legs back up and to the other side. Keep your shoulders on the floor, once you feel them lift of the floor, you are going too low. Modify with bend knees or really focus on keeping the shoulder down.

Ball pass

On your back, ball between your feet, legs down on the floor, pass the ball with your legs to your hands and extend both down (legs down, arms above your head-holding the ball) switch, take the ball in our hands pass it to your legs and extend.... keep going. the straighter the limbs are the harder it is, so if you need to modify, bend knees, if the low back is still lifting, do the ball with legs only (up and down)

I hope this is helpful and understandable ;) If you have other exercises on the ball (crunchless or crunchy) please let me know. If I remember more I'll post them.


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