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Start in center with a wide stance connecting breath to movement

Inhale, circle arms up overhead, exhale circle arms down bringing them to heart center prayer position 4-6x

Add fold forward
1/2 lift to fold
Roll up vertebrae by vertebrae warming spine
Flow 4-6x
Add after roll up
Place hands on thighs flat back down & roll up

Sunflower = wide stance toes out inhale, circle arms overhead exhale circle arms down as you take it into a plie squat arms sweep floor

Flow it 4-6x
Now just arms inhaling overhead exhaling drawing the arms down through center in prayer position
Add a squat as you draw arms to center
Now pulse that squat 3 lifting up on 4 pressing arms up overhead still in prayer position exhaling arms down repeat 4-6x

Now blend sunflower to squat pulses connecting breath to a movement pattern

Return back to wide mountain and sweep arms across body
Now hands on thighs flat back down pulse squats x8 round spine halfway roll up and repeat

Warrior 1 to 2
Side angle to half moon to needle pose
Taking it back down from needle to half moon to side angle and warriors releasing and repeating on other side

Balancing portion

Mountain feet comfortably apart
Right knee to chest into balancing chair crossing right leg over left thigh sinking into chair pose coming up take right leg behind into a curtsy lunge position now flow balancing chair with curtsy release and repeat other side

Release to pilates first position

Relavate lifting heels
Plie squat
Plie to the right and back to first
With light weights pilates arm circles right arm
Repeat from relavation repeating left
Holding first position

Arms go from half moon lateral stretch into a shoulder press alternating sides

Release weights blend in your own final stretch

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From: Marysville, California (USA)
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