Tribute to Youtubers (advanced, Tap Free)

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While home recuperating from a hysterectomy I had lots of time to surf youtube and to get great ideas from Leslie Stewart, Koddetrien, Leslie's interpretation of some of Psteps ideas, as well as a few from Jacque Melear. Thank you ladies I couldn't have done it without you.

Combo I (from Leslie Stewart - no changes made)

Total 32 counts self-reversing

I start this one with a repeater knee in each corner. Then we do 4 stomps, corner to corner, with 1 knee. The tick tock is done from a side approach, right foot on bench (1), switch to left (1), back to right (1), straddle left and right (2). Do a repeater knee and 1 stomp and you have a lead switch.

Combo II

(most of this belongs to Pstep as interpreted by Leslie on Youtube)

Total: 32 counts

I do rock on top 2 times, followed by 2 stomps one in each corner

Then we do flick kick x 2 - stomp the corners

I then show: Flick kick (3)
Foot on step (1)
Switch (1)
Straddle (2)3 X stomp (9)

Then we do: Rock on top (3)
Flick kick (2)
Foot on step (1)Switch (1)
Straddle (2)
Stomp (3)
Repeater knee (8)
3 X single knees (12)

Charleston ski - is 1 kick, step back on floor, do 4 fast or 2 slow ski moves on floor (lots of fun very cardio)

Combo III

Total 32

V-Cross chasse - I start this one by doing a V-hangover (using the bench and the floor), followed by a single knee.

The V-cross is a 6 count move. 1/2 V-hangover right and left (2) Right foot crosses over left on floor (1), left foot steps out away from right (1) (think box step), chasse to other end of step (2)

Combo IV

Total 32 counts

Koddetriens box step. I start with single leg extension in each corner. Then you step up right (1), extend left leg to side (1), left foot to floor on North side of bench (1), right foot to floor on North side (1). Step up left foot on bench (1), extend right leg to side (1), step home right (1), step home left (1).

Combo V

Total 32

Tango: Side approach step up right and left onto bench (2), step down right foot on north side of bench (1), left foot crosses behind right on floor , while right lifts slightly (1) right foot to floor while left foot lifts slightly (1)

Spin - 360 degree pivot (hop turn), no tap. Right lead start on home side facing east, will finish on north side facing east, ready to begin next move with left foot.

Thank you to all who post on youtube. You have helped me personally to understand some moves that on paper, I just could not get (I'm a visual person). Please go to youtube and type into the search area Step Aerobic Videos and you will find Leslie Steward and Koddetrien's videos there.

Contact me with questions.


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